Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The first poll in this new blog is complete and it was quite fun. I particularly enjoyed seeing how it played out over social media with Sophie, Craig, MonkeyBoy and Hal all getting into the game. In the end, Oregon emerged the winner. Of course, it is completely unscientific and probably doesn't matter to all that many people. But, it was fun, nonetheless, to see how State loyalty played out.

I got out on a beautiful, sunny 60 degree afternoon onto the Rivanna Trail between meetings and the run was sweet. & miles of singletrack with a fair amount of mud. I think I've officially run the bottoms off my Hokas as they didn't grip anything. But, fun day all around!

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  1. Despite my best social media attempts at gathering the VA troops, we got crushed by the Oregonians. Congrats, you guys. You win this time. How about road tripping east to Grindstone and we will do the same to Waldo and then we can all be friends?