Friday, February 17, 2012

I am getting some small signs of hope out of my left knee. While the pain at full flexion is still there it seems to be responding well to physical therapy, Graston, and strengthening exercises. I must say, this reminder of my own immortality has been truly eye-opening as it is often difficult to navigate the blurry line between emotion and reason when it comes to running injuries. While I did enjoy a full two-months of injury-free running in December and January the 20 days I've been unable to run over these past three weeks seem almost endless. Please, when I get back to running, remind me to take it easy!


  1. AJW,

    Hope you're able to heal quickly and get back to running and training for that beloved race in June. I just completed a book titled "Smoothies For Runners" (of all distances) and I'd love to give you a copy. It's in Kindle ebook format but you can view it on a computer with the Kindle app as well. There's some info in there that I think would help you in your recovery. If this interests you, email me at and I'll get you a free copy.


  2. Interesting choice of trails over there on the poll. CDT is not complete and has just shut down operations so I'm not sure why you put that one up there. Didn't know WS had a trail. And for the love of it, you didn't put up the Colorado Trail. The HR course is run on an old section of the CT so you get a good sense of how beautiful it is. Just sayin.... Drink more, run less - you'll be ready to go for WS fo sho!

  3. just thought I'd comment on your meniscus tear. If it's torn, don't wast money on "therapy", it will only cost you cash. A meniscus tear will never heal. Get it scoped now so you can run in a few weeks. I've had it done, and it works.