Friday, January 13, 2012

Blustery cold and windy this morning but once I got rolling I didn't really notice it. Got out to the end of Decca in 29 and negative split the return trip. It feels like the climbing legs are slowly coming back. It will likely take a few more weeks to feel totally normal (I am also still carrying about five extra pounds from the holidays, etc...) but it seems as though each week brings me a step closer to fitness. Also, I am kind of psyched that my spring schedule is taking shape and I'll get in to two of the classics, Cool and Bull Run. While I certainly won't race them it will be nice to pin a number on a couple times before the summer.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow after I drop off Carson at ski team but likely something hilly. Then Sunday I'll get my introduction to the Masanutten Rocks as the VHTRC is putting on a 26 mile training run on the course.

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  1. Bull Run Run - the Chris Scott original. Great to see the Schedule fleshing out after a rough off season. Jackson races here this weekend - first team trip without parents.