Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clear proof that rest and sleep really do make a difference. After a frustrating day yesterday which resulted in an unplanned zero I got out this morning after nine hours of sleep and had the best run I've had in a month. Off the doorstep things flowed smoothly and effortlessly. Obviously, as I move into bigger volume through the spring I need to remember this. The good times make the bad times not so bad.

And, I must say, yet again, the Hoka Bondi B's have changed my life! The support they provide is truly amazing and the ride, if you will, seems so natural and smooth that I sometimes forget I have them on. We'll see over the next few months how they perform on more technical terrain (as I have yet to really take them on Class 5 stuff) but for now they are absolute money!


  1. Where's the like button on this thing? I had one of those surprises this week: awful run on Monday that I cut to three miles with much walking before a sweet 8 miles on Tuesday and a great first track workout yesterday.

  2. Bryon, yeah, I hear you! Funny how the bad turns to good.

  3. ahhh. had one of those myself on tuesday. gotta love the body of work. i've never seen a training plan that started and ended with one single run, thankfully. glad to see your not fearing the rest day, jiz. bondi test for me will be deadwood down to the bridge, at our usual tempo ;-)