Sunday, January 8, 2012

It could just be me but I have always thought that for a run to qualify as a "long run" it should be 20 miles. I know that's just an arbitrary number that doesn't take into account elevation, weather, trail conditions, etc...but it's always been a benchmark for me. And today, for the first time since Western States in June, I ran over 20 miles. 20.7 miles, to be exact, on the Appalachian Trail in Central Virginia. It was glorious.

Sure, I got dropped on all the climbs by the fit fast guys and I was crying for my mommy when the run mercifully came to an end 3:41 after it started but it was, nonetheless, a real long run and a true sign that I am coming back. For most others it would have been a walk in the park but for me it made me really happy to be alive. Which is, by the way, what running does for me most of the time.

I am in a pretty interesting place right now. On the one hand, I am certainly coming to grips with aging and realizing, at 44, that there is only so much I can do. On the other hand, I also know how important the mind is in all of this and as I slowly grind myself back in to shape it makes me feel good to know that my mind is not aging as quickly as my body. I guess that's the way it's meant to be.

Fun memory for a Sunday evening...


  1. the goods right there. i like the feeling of getting back into shape. it's balanced. if we were fit all the time, our measurable gains wouldn't mean shit. now, you have some key benchmarks to gauge against as you continue to run this spring. this is a good place to be in, where your at right now. plus, keep in mind, your cherry has barely been popped with regards to hardrock. still playing rookie ball there, my friend.

  2. Thanks for the comment Scott. Indeed, still in A ball as far as HRH is concerned. That's one of the things that makes it so exciting. I also truly am enjoying feeling like a rookie again.