Monday, January 9, 2012

On our run yesterday we were chatting about days off and how great they are. Considering how most runners have, at one time or another, considered "streaking" it seems to me that some of us can become obsessed to a fault, I know I have from time to time. These days, taking a day off now and then seems a sensible thing to do. Certainly for me, in my "age and stage" of life, these days provide a wonderful opportunity to rest and recover as well as to prepare for the next phase in training. It also helps me psychologically and emotionally to declare them days off as early as possible.

Today is one of those days!

Here's a good article on the topic.


  1. I'm in the exact opposite phase of things. After taking nearly as many days off as I run in the autumn, I'm in the midst of month-long the streak that's got me excited about running and built up some inertia. I've got no plans to do be a multi-year streaker, but it's helping in the short term.

    But enjoy your days off!

  2. Bryon, I completely understand. Sometimes the daily "constitutional" is necessary for reinvigoration. But, this weekend I ran 33 trail miles and climbed 8000 feet (all chasing Neal Gorman). I need the day off!