Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few years ago at the end of an Ice Cream Sandwich run on the Western States course a group of us were hanging out talking. As is inevitable in these circumstances, the conversation drifted toward "what's next". Several people commented on some final tuneup races and a few others were thinking of their next training venture when wizened veteran Tim Fitzpatrick spoke up, "I am just going to let this run sink in for awhile." I remember thinking, at the time, how does a run "sink in." Now, I think I know, as it clearly takes time for the effects of a training run to take hold. So, as I roll into this year's build up I need to remember the importance of letting things sink in. In fact, I am doing that today with a day off from running after a 50 mile weekend.

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  1. What I like to tell people, is that training is like eating: It's one thing to chew on it, entirely another to swallow and digest. Metaphorically speaking, many runners bite and chew, only to "refund" because of overtraining!

    Digest and absorb! :)