Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ran up at Wintergreen today. Honestly, wanted to just hang out by the fire but thoughts of the San Juans got me out the door. Did a 10 miler on roads. Packed a bunch of climbing into the run and ended up with 2200 total feet. Getting climbing legs back is certainly a big project. Heading out to the Tidewater this afternoon so the next two days will be flattish.

Had to post this tonight!

And, Mike Morton is at it again, 100 miles in 13:18 at the Long Haul 100 miler in Florida. I love the way he does things his way!


  1. How did VA gain so many votes since yesterday on your poll!?

  2. The VHTRC folks got wind of the poll and mobilized the troops!

  3. The golf course is a good place to run up here too. Good grass running when it's drier, asphalt cart paths on wet days. Just stay off the greens, and anything really wet to avoid denting up the fairways, and nobody will mind since the course is closed all winter.