Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today was a great day! I joined the VHTRC Crew for a Massanutten Training Run. No, I am not running MMT but having the chance to get out fpr 27 miles on the Course was too good to turn down. For sure, that last hour hurt and the fact that I missed a couple turns and extended the day a bit didn't help. But hey, 27 miles and 5600 feet of climbing in the books. Sore and tired tonight. In a good way...

It's good to be tired and good to feel like there's work to be done. To be honest, at this point in my build-up I have no idea what to expect come June. Maybe that's what happens when you get old, injured, or both but, whatever it is, it does bring focus into play which, I must admit, had been lacking before I got this wake-up call.

This never gets old!


  1. AJW: I'm glad you're blogging again. The blogosphere without AJW is no fun.

    I'll be sure to link up to your new blog from mine.


  2. I'll second Wyatt's comment. Always enjoyable to hear what you have to say Andy, great stuff! Glad to hear you're getting the climbing legs just about back!!


  3. sounds like we had similar runs this weekend... I got in just over 27 miles with a little over 6000' here near Charlotte. Keep it going and glad to see you blogging and hear you're running well again.

  4. It was fun to finally meet you! You fit right in, no surprise there. Although you might be crazier than the norm, I could not believe you were hanging around Gap Creek in flip flops in the cold!
    Looking forward to many trail runs with you in Virginia! Kirstin