Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had an all-around screwy day yesterday! After staying up too late on Friday night I had to drag myself out of bed early to take Carson to ski practice. I basically lounged around for 4 hours at the ski place and then we came home. After a two-hour nap I finally got out the door and limped through an 8 miler. Turns out I jacked up my left knee somehow. It's the opposite leg from my pf so it could be some sort of compensation thing but it's weird. Especially since the pain is on the inside/back of my knee. I am thinking it's some kind of tendonitis that is the result of ramping things up to fast. Obviously, I am not getting any younger! I think I'll give it a couple days and then go to the doc if it's still around. Knowing me, it's probably because of my super-tight hips, hamstings, and glutes. Maybe this is another wake-up call to stretch and crosstrain.

On a much more positive note I must say I am just thrilled about Craig Thornley's appointment as the next Western States RD. He has a love and a passion for running in general and Western States in particular that is truly infectious. Furthermore, his contagious enthusiasm will almost certainly rub off on everybody involved with the event which I know, in the end, will make it even better. I am excited about the future of the Big Dance!

I was quite impressed with the way the WS Board of Trustees handled the entire thing. From launching a public search process to checking references to having the candidates undergo a thorough interview process they truly established a precedent of transparent professionalism which the race truly deserves. Over the next 20 or so months it will be great to see how the transition unfolds. Knowing Greg and Craig as I do I am sure it will be seamless.

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