Thursday, February 2, 2012

Got to the doc today and he ruled out MCL and meniscus damage so that's good. Turns out it's a pretty bad case of tendonitis and it means a bit of a break but not a total meltdown. Good, not great.

New Taproom post goes up tomorrow that should be good.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if your tendinitis is ever actually ITB. I in know way am insinuating you don't know your body or your injuries. I was more interested in my own knees which always flare up but always seem to come down after ITB rehab. Anyway, I read your AJW post and as someone with diabetes and muddled through many more bonks than most probably I appreciated the comments on patience.

  2. Mark, thanks for the note.

    It's not ITBS in my case as this is on the inside of the knee. I had ITBS back in 2006 and it was miserable. I live in fear of a recurrence!