Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resting my knee for another day before seeing Dr. Wilder tomorrow morning. Trying to take the long view which is easier some days that others. Did get into the February 18th VHTRC 50K and also got the reg forms for Bull Run Run and Promise Land so I guess, one way or another, this season will happen:) Trending toward tendonitis but we'll see.

Interesting results for the poll with Salomon and Montrail neck and neck and Patagonia an TNF lagging behind. New poll up now!


  1. Hmm.... Promise Land you say...

    Need someone to drink beers with at the finish?

  2. Bryon, you bet. I'm buying. AJW

  3. AJW: What's up with the knee? Do you think is patella femoral? Something else?

    I have fought patella femoral pain a few times. It's no fun. Ice, reduced volume and Pro Tec knee wraps have always worked for me.

    Good luck!


  4. Wyatt, I don't think so. Feels more like medial side tendonitis (best case) or an MCL tear (worse case) Going to the doc tomorrow. Aging sucks!

  5. I've dealt with some issues in the same area, turned out to be Pes Anserine bursitis/tendonitis. Targeted (and painful) massage and light stretching helped quite a bit. Good idea to get it checked out early.

  6. Get out of those Hokas and back into the Crosslites ;-) I owned the over 50 CR at PL50K back in 2001 (I think), Scotty M. took it the following year by a few seconds in 5:36. Go get it!